KONY 2012, Gone Viral!!!

KONY 2012

Recently a video on youtube made by a non-profit organization called Invisible Children has gone viral. The video is about the severe conflict in Uganda brought upon by war lord Joseph Kony. The video has been seen by 71 Million people so far which grows more and more daily, that is a good amount of the worlds population! That may seem like a little but really its not. Their cause is for this man Joseph Kony to become famous, a world celebrity. They aren't doing this in the thrill of it, they are doing this to inform us of this horrible man. Previous to this video being uploaded far fewer people in the world knew about Kony and I have never personally even heard of him. Do you feel that their action will make a difference? Do you know of any people like Kony that have not been widely heard of?

Invisible Children

Invisible Children have their own website where they have a lot of information on this topic as well as their cause. They even have a page for their critiques in which they answer them with their proof to bring people a better understanding. They also provide a page on their site where they not only explain but also show their planned expenses and finances using pie charts, and publicly display their financial statements including their 990 Forms and Annual Statements. It is obvious that for Invisible Children there is clearly nothing to hide and no reason to not support their cause. Their site is above this paragraph. Do you support them as an organization? Do you think they take away any doubts you had about them?


Here is what Amnesty International had to say about it. I beleive that they made a valid point in pointing out that Kony is not the only bad guy. He is one of many, but I also think that you should take things one at a time. Focusing on the #1 Internationally Ranked Criminal is not a bad place to start.

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