Children With Disabilities Not Allowed to Enroll

Qinisela, an 8-year-old South African boy with Down Syndrome, has never attended a day of school. More than 500 000 children did not turn up at school in South Africa today. They didn’t go to school yesterday either. And unless the government starts trying to find them and insure there are schools for them to attend, they won’t be at school tomorrow, next week, or next year either. These, like Qinisela, are South Africa’s children with disabilities. The government has lost track of these poor children. Now the government is not completely to blame as they have done work to change when they made a policy having every child with disabilities be able to go to school. But it was also built on a fatal flaw, with the government saying then that about 280 000 children with disabilities were out of school, even though independent groups that work with people with disabilities gave a much higher estimate. So without an accurate, number they could not supply these kids with schools. They need to make the changes necessary to enroll more than 500,000 children like Quinisela. Do you see this in another country? Tell us about where and how you've seen this happen?

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