Africa's Moves to End Child Marriage

The African Union (AU) met this week in Lusaka, Zambia to talk about girls who have met an unfortunate fate where they have been in child marriages. Country representatives will discuss child marriage and efforts to get rid of it. Human Rights Watch interviewed a girl who was involved in a child marriage. This is what she said, “I feel very sad when I see small girls getting married. They don’t know the hard life that awaits them,” said Danira, who was married at age 14. “I wish I had gone to school. Life could be better for me because I could get a job.” Danira, now in her late 20s and a mother of three, is from a rural village in Mwanza district, Malawi. She married a 30-year-old man to escape poverty at home and explained that she thought marriage would mean the start of a life of love, fulfillment, and security. Instead, her husband and in-laws beat and verbally abused her and she often went without food. She stopped going to school and missed out on her childhood. It is quite saddening hearing stories of girls who have been married at such a young age. This meeting, called the African Girls Summit, is the next step in the AU’s continent-wide campaign to end child marriage, that was launched in May 2014. I think that the meetings are a great move forward for Africa and the world! What do you think? Where else would you like to see changes to be made?

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