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Terrorists Attack a University in Kenya

Seventy people were killed and 79 others were wounded in the Al-Shabaab terror attack on Garissa University College in Kenya. The Islamist gunmen burst into a Kenyan university before dawn Thursday, shooting students and taking hostages. The attackers separated students by religion, allowing Muslims to leave and keeping an unknown number of Christians hostage. The attack seemed to be driven by an extreme motive to "weaken" other religions. This is completely insane to do and the innocent Christian students did not in a any way deserve to be killed.

Baltimore Prison Mistreating Youth

Baltimore City Detention Center was a prison looked at by Human Rights Watch (HRW) back in 1999. Recently they went back and looked in and fifteen years later, some of the practices have ended, but the city jail still regularly violates the rights of detained children. The Justice Department found that detention center staff uses "seclusion"or solitary confinement. There was even an instance in which they saw a kid was placed in isolation for 143 days.

Croatia Has Brutal Laws On Disabilities

Imagine being taken against your will to a hospital by a family member and without warning, tied to the bed and left overnight without even being able to use the toilet. That is what happened to Martina, a 41-year-old woman with a psychosocial disability, that Human Rights Watch interviewed in Zagreb, Croatia. Croatian law allows depriving people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities of their right to make decisions for themselves. People deprived of their rights like Martina and so many others, can be placed in institutions without their consent.

California Making Great Steps

The first person to be resentenced under recently enacted laws in California relating to child offenders is due to be released the week of March 16, 2015. Enforcement of the new laws is a sign that the United States is moving closer to the rest of the world in its approach to sentencing for youth. California officials decided that Edel Gonzalez, who had been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for a crime he committed in 1991 at age 16, is to be released soon.

Boko Haram Has Caused Much Trouble

In 2015, attacks by the Islamist armed group Boko Haram killed more than 1,000 civilians. Boko Haram fighters have attacked villages and done mass killings and abductions as their attacks have spread from northeast Nigeria into Cameroon, Chad, and Niger since February. Human Rights Watch interviewed many people who had been affected in late January and it revealed horrific levels of brutality.

Israeli Prime Minister Walks Back

Two days after his victory at the polls, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already walked back on his words when he said he didn't want a one state but yet he wanted a peaceful two state solution. This is pertaining to the ongoing conflict within Israel and Palestine. They continue negotiations and seems as if there is nothing that will really create a solution that can stand. The sides differ very much so and the leaders cannot seem to peacefully agree.

South African President Makes Bizzare Comments

A few days ago, the South African government approved a strategy designed to lower its high rates of teen pregnancy and provide access to reproductive health care to their youth. This positive development is, however, undermined by bizarre comments made yesterday by President Jacob Zuma that teen mothers should be separated from their children and sent away to a “faraway” place until they complete their education. When I read this I thought this was completely insane. To separate a mother, even a teen mother, from their child should be some kind of crime.

Armenian Genocide Hasn't Been Acknowledged

In a post on CNN they talk with famous actor George Clooney who is part of the organization called the Not On Our Watch Project. He was speaking about the Armenian Genocide and how it is yet to be accepted worldwide. It was a horrible occurrence and this year was the 100th year anniversary of it. Events like this should be recognized by all and seen as important parts of history. This organization's mission is to make sure even the most hidden crimes around the world made by countries that are hurting people are acknowledged.

Chinese Children Left Behind

In China, millions of children have been left behind. By this I mean that their parents are leaving them behind. If these children are lucky they are left with their grandparents or other relatives, but many are left in orphanages. Some of this is due to Chinese traditions including male favoritism and due to China's regulations of only one child per family. It also due to parents in situations where the father would be working hundreds of miles away for the family and the mother would abandon the child. This is completely unfair to the children.

Women are Endangered Especially those With Disabilities

All governments should ensure that women and girls with disabilities are included in gender-based violence prevention and response programs to protect them. Women and girls with disabilities are at risk of gender-based violence in their homes, schools, institutions, and the communities. Women and girls with disabilities are often not given prevention programs, support services, and access to legal help because of people's views about their sexuality, physical and communication difficulties.