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Young Boy Kidnapped and Killed in a Jewish Neighborhood

In Borough Park, a neighborhood in New York. This neighborhood is highly populated by Jewish people and is known to be very safe. Leiby Kletzky a young boy of 8 years old was kidnapped and then killed by another Jewish man. How does this affect you?  How can we raise awareness about this for children in our neighborhoods?

Medical System is being attacked in Bahrain

In Bahrain, violent anti-government protesters are attacking medical centers and their patients. This is affecting everyone in the area. Leaving children and newborns to die by not having equipment and having a low amount of medics because of the attacks of the protesters. How could this be allowed? What are possible ways to end this?

Schools in War Zones

Human Rights Watch has examined situations in which schools are caught in war zones. They have said that schools have been constantly attacked as well as used for military bases. This endangers the children who go to these school allowing them to be attacked. What are groups doing to help prevent this? Check it out on the web and try to work with them if you can. What are your ideas on ways to stop the endangering of schools?

Lethal Levels of Lead in Some Chinese Providences

In China, factories are polluting the air and the children in provinces are getting sick. This also can poison livestock and then when bought from markets can poison more and more. How can this be prevented? How can you prevent this from happening in your  country and in the world?

The Dream Act

Facts Which Are Very Important

Children's Defense Fund has many facts which can be very helpful and can really touch your hearts. Click on the link above and check them out. If you look into their research library you can find more facts. How do some of these facts make you feel? Have you seen some of the things mentioned in the facts in your lives?

International Monitors Needed in Sudan

In Sudan, massive human rights violations are taking place. Specifically this is occurring in Southern Kordofan. There has been conflict between the peoples Liberation Army and The Government's Army bombings killing many civilians. Children, Men and Woman are being affected by this gravely. Do you feel that the International Monitors are needed? How does this story impact you?

The Food Crisis in East Africa

In Eastern Africa, there are 12 million people who need food, water, and basic hygiene. People are going through horrible times as this is described as the worst food crisis. Eastern Africans are dying everyday due to the lack of food and clean water. How can we help their crisis? Do you know any groups working on this problem? Can you do anything about it?