Israeli Soldiers Used Child as Human Shield!!!

Two Israel soldiers during the offensive in Gaza, a Palestinian inhabited territory controlled by the Israeli Officials used a child as a shield. They held him at gun point to open a suspected bag of explosives and this put him in a chance of endangering his life. The bag did not contain any explosives but it is still a criminal offense to put him in harms way. The soldiers were punished on November 21st, 2010. They received a demoted class as well as a 3 month suspension! Sentenced by the Military Court of Israel, this shows that Israel will not place equal punishments to their officials.

Dangerous Forced Child Labor in India

Article on Child Labon in India

Children of the age 14 and under in India work in Glass Blowing, Fireworks and a lot of them work for carpet making factories. They are forcefully put in harms way and don't have a fair wage. Is this really necessary to India?

Women, girls, children and other domestic workers are being killed for complaining to their abusive employers, We cannot let this happen!

In Kuwait the workers have no protection against their employers who can kill them and easily have them deported by the violation called Absconding simply for complaining or trying to escape their jobs link

China One Child Rule

Article from Global Issues about the One Child Law

This article speaks about the One Child Law in China which was set in the 1980's to lower the population rate which was increased by the Baby Boom of the 1950's. Question is was it right to start? Can a government really regulate the amount of children someone has? Should it be abolished?

Peace in the Middle East

Today in school we held a conference between all of the students in order to try to find a path to peace in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Many kids Israeli or Palestinian have been affected; some have died through this conflict. This was the reason that the teachers at my school decided that this would be a good project. We discussed many different subjects including the fate of Jerusalem, Water Systems, Settlements, Security, and Borders. Which one of these is truly the most crucial in the peace process? Could this be resolved by kids? What do you think?

Kids sentenced to life in prison in the USA.

Children Sentenced To Life>

In the USA thousands of kids who committed a crime under 18 have been sentence to a permanent stay in prison with no chance of getting out. They are usually sentenced around the age of 13-15. Should we let this happen? Is this right for the country to do? Should it be allowed?

Child Labor In Pakistan

In Pakistan, child labor is a common thing. They are forced by social and economical reasons to start working at young ages for low wages. They have to give up all of their dreams and hopes for a future and education to help support their family. Should they be allowed to forcefully be pushed into the working world? Is it right to take away their dreams?

Article from Hamari Web Pakistan Child Labor Article

Congo is forcibly recruiting children

Democratic Republic of Congo
The children are getting recruited forcefully in Congo. They are also imprisoning them and force them to do military training which is the only time they are allowed out. The army leaders are former rebel leaders. Is this right? What should be done?

Kenya accepts disclosure to children about HIV

Kenya supports disclosure

In Kenya there is a colossal amount of kids infected with HIV and they deserve to know. Kenya supports allowing them to know. This is crucial especially in Kenya with the overwhelming amount of infected people as it is better to accept and treat HIV when it is found earlier.


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