Another Deadly Drone Attack in Pakistan

Deadly Drone Attack from the New York Times

In Pakistan a drone attack was launched by the American Military which cost the lives of 23 people including five kids. The citizens of Pakistan are becoming enraged. Could this create more problems between Pakistan and the USA? Why is this happening so frequently? Does the United States military not understand that the drone attacks are costing the innocent lives of civilians constantly?

A Lone Doctor in Somalia

Somali Doctor Holds Her Own from the New York Times

Palestinian Teens kill an Israeli Family

Two Teens Held in Killing of Israeli Family from The New York Times

Two Palestinian teens, one 17 and the other 18, have been arrested for the murder of the Fogel Family. They killed the father of the family Ehud, his wife Ruth and three of their six  children. Even the young are getting involved in conflicts and this conflict is costing more and more lives everyday. Will it ever stop? How could have this been prevented?

A Chinese Child in a bucket?!

Article  from The New York Times

Shooting on the Syrian-Israeli Border.


On the Israeli-Syrian border pro palestininian protestors were protesting. The Israeli forces began to shoot them and the outcome was 25 protestors being killed and 350 protestors wounded. The children of the world see this violence and this could possibly start a battle between the Syrians and Israelis. The shooting was unnessesary and is exposing the youth and everyone else to violence and growing conflict. This is also happening in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Review on The Dark Side of Chocolate

This week I saw the documentary called "The Dark Side of Chocolate". This is about all of the hidden things that occur between the making of our beloved chocolate. One big ingredient in making any chocolate is Cocoa and there is great supply of this in the Ivory Coast. Sadly companies which own the plantations that supply the Cocoa widely use child slavery and child labor. Children are kidnapped and tricked from neighboring countries so they can be caught by Child Traffickers and brought to work in the plantations illegally.

NATO Admits to Dangerous Missile Attack

Article from The New York Times

NATO Investigates June 19th "Accident"

NATO is now giving many possible explanations for the Missile attack on June 19th which hit a civilian home and killed at least 2 children. They have begun to make excuses such as that it wasn't even their missile  that it was a Libyan missile. Another explanation they gave was that an encounter with another missile to be specific an SA-6 missile which supposedly threw off the accuracy of the NATO missile. Do you believe these explanations? Should they just take the blame?

A Young Girl Dies Beaten by 14 Year Old Boy.

Article from The New York Times

Young Girl in Kabul, a Suicide Bomber Without Knowing

Article from The New York Times


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