A boy, Robbed and for a while on Alert

A Boy Robbed for His iPod

In New York, a teenager attending Beacon High School had a story to tell. He was on his way early in the morning from his home in the Bronx to school. When walking to the train he was grabbed by two delinquents who pushed him up against a gate and demanded his iPod and wallet. He gave it to them and continued on worrying about whether they continued to follow him. He ran into the local precinct as soon as he was away from the two. This event left him scarred emotionally as he was afraid of even walking up the block, fearing he was going to be robbed again. The fear he had continued to bother him for weeks until he finally recieved a call from the precinct community council saying there had been work being done with safe heavens trying to make the neighborhood a safe place. This idea of safe heavens has been brought into many neighborhoods. Have you seen a safe heaven location in your neighborhood? If you want to know more about this story check the link above.

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