Texas Needs To Recognize These People

The Texas Department of State Health Services is refusing to issue birth certificates to some children born to undocumented parents in the state. A lawsuit filed in federal court by some two dozen immigrants wants the practice to end. The issue here isn’t whether these children are U.S. citizens. They are. The United States, like almost every other country in the Americas, grants automatic citizenship to those born on its soil. The issue is whether these children will be destined to a future without opportunity. A birth certificate establishes a person’s existence under the law, and is a crucial way to prove citizenship, enroll in school, enter the workforce and obtain a driver’s license. They make the process of getting the paperwork impossible for those born here to undocumented parents. This is something crucial as their rights as citizens are being restricted and even their opportunities stripped from them because of improper documentation. Lets push for their rights to be given to them! Do you know someone affected by this? This is a Children's Rights issue that could be prevented if the CRC were to be ratified.

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