Child Marriages, How would you feel?

Child marriage often ends a girl’s education, exposes her to domestic violence and grave health risks from early childbearing and HIV. It also often traps her in poverty. It is something that occurs much too often and applies to all countries. Its even seen on an illegal level within the US though it is much less common. In a 2014 survey by Zimbabwe’s National Statistics Agency, one in three women ages 20 to 49 surveyed reported that they married before age 18. An estimated 4 percent marry before age 15, the survey found. Since most child marriages are unregistered customary law unions, the survey is the best indicator of the scale of the problem in Zimbabwe. Just think what if you or your mother was married at an age where you didn't even have proper education. How different do you think your life would be? Then realize that this is the sad reality for some poor people out in countries like Zimbabwe. How does knowing that make you feel? Please let us know. I know that everyday this is something that happens but it just can't stand. Something must be done to stop it, countries are working on a process to end it but we need to work for it as well.

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