NATO Launches an Airstrike that takes the Lives of 7 civilians

NATO Airstrike Article
On Friday March 24th,2011 NATO launched an Airstrike that took the lives of 7 civilians including 3 children in Afghanistan. The Airstrike was launched in order to take down targeted Taliban in Afghanistan. These airstrikes are dangerous and a large scale attack. Could they have used a smaller scale attack? Is it right to put those civilians in danger to attack Taliban targets which can be attacked in a way which will cost less civilian lives?

In Balochistan, Afghanistan teachers are being killed

Their Future is At Stake Article

Teachers are being killed by supected militants such as the Taliban and this then affects the education that the students get. In this providence schools only open for 120 days unlike the rest of Afghanistan in which schools stay open for 220 days. What is causing these educators to be killed? What could be a solution to this conflict or simply a way to protect these educational personnel?

A Young Boy as a Suicide Bomber

Article from The New York Times

On the Afghani border a young boy of the age of 12, committed a suicide bombing. His target is said to have been the head of the district council, Shir Nawaz Khan. The bombing  killed Mr. Khan and 3 others while hurting 14. How could such a young boy be caught in the militant acts and give his life? Is there anything that can possibly be done to keep the youth out of these militant groups?

Author of "Two Cups of Tea" creates schools

Author Greg Mortenson, has gone into Afghanistan and built 170 schools with his organization. He co- founded this organization which have helped Afghani youth for a few years with their educational sources. How do you think this impacts the youth of Afghanistan? You can read more in the book he wrote Two Cups Of Tea.

US and China Meeting on Human Rights

US-China Human Rights Meeting from The New York Times

The United States and China next week are meeting to discuss human rights. China has some human rights problems like the extreme sensor-ship on the internet and other things like my "Child in a Bucket" post. The article mentions how the conversations this year will be unusually tense. What topics do you believe they will talk about? What topics do you think that they should talk about but probably won't?


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