Child Marriage is A Global Issue

Last week, Spain raised its minimum age for marriage from 14 to 16, and also upped the age for consent from 13 to 16. The BBC said last Thursday that, while only 365 marriages involving people under the age of 16 have occurred in Spain since 2000, there were 2,678 such marriages in the ‘90s and 12,867 in the ‘80s. All I could think when I read those numbers was WHAT. THE. Spain is the 31st richest country in the world. I was so surprised to learn that a developed country like Spain had only just begun to take steps to protect its girls from forced marriage before the age of 16. I think people would be surprised by how many countries there are where child marriage is actually permitted, including a lot of Western countries and how many child marriages actually take place in those countries. I know for sure I was and after reading this article I checked it out and it's quite surprising. We all need to raise awareness about this issue. Although it's not as extreme in countries like Spain compared to some in the Middle East, even one child marriage is an issue. What other countries do you know about? Let us know.

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