The Daughters of an Activist Speak Out

Article from The New York Times

Even the young are following in their elder's footsteps. Two of the daughters of a man who received a life in prison sentence for supposedly plotting against the government, are speaking out for him. They are standing up for their father and for the freedom of their people. How does this translate to the community? Do you find this admirable?

Rice High School, One of Many which are closing.

Article from The New York Times

Child Soldiers, Will there be an end?

Article from HRW on Child Soldiers

There have been bans all around to stop the use of Child Soldiers in countries. Some countries still illegally have children fighting in wars. This is unjust. Will anything finally stop the use of child soldiers? Any ideas that could help stop the use? Alternatives or Compromises?

Check out the Coalition to stop Child Soldiers

Syrians looking for refuge in Turkey

Article From The New York Times

Levis Uses Cotton From Uzbekistan

Through research I have found that Levi & Strauss a huge jean manufacturing company, uses cotton produced through forced child labor in Uzbekistan. The country's cotton industry is known for these acts. How does this change your mind about some of the most used jean company?

An Extremely Deadly Month in Afghanistan

Article from The New York Times
For the month of May in Afghanistan the death count was 368, a monthly record since they started counting in 2007. Of these 368 civilian deaths, 82% of them were caused by the Taliban or other militants. 12% were caused by NATO and Afghan Forces, while with the remaining 6%, it was unclear who caused it. When these numbers where being announced, another 15 civilians died from a bombing, 4 were women and 8 were small children.

Uzbekistan's Cotton Industry Uses FORCED Child Labor
Uzbekistan uses FORCED Child labor to pick cotton. The industry depends on it as cheap labor. Even though the industry is dependent on Child Labor, is it right?

Pakistan shells Afghan killing 42
Afghanistan is being consistently bombed by Pakistan. Civilians are dying because of this. 42 have died including some children. This is not right to attack unarmed people with helicopters, shelling them. The president of Afghanistan is not taking the shelling seriously either. Why could it be that the president is not taking the matter seriously? Could there be a reason for this?


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