People Detained In Manila

The Philippine government should immediately release the hundreds of mostly indigent and homeless Manila residents, including more than 140 children, detained before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. This is a part of so-called “clearing operations” aimed to beautify the city ahead of the summit, which will bring world leaders to Manila this month. Since November 9, local authorities have rounded up several hundred adults and children from streets and informal settlements in Manila and surrounding municipalities of Metro Manila. They have detained them without charges. Philippine authorities have violated the rights of hundreds of Manila residents to put up a fake show of ‘cleanliness’ on the city for APEC delegates. The total number of people detained during the current “clearing operations” is uncertain. This is unjust and these people need to be released. It does not matter who is coming or what is happening in your country, people cannot just be detained so you can look "clean". How do you feel about these acts? How could a country treat its own people like this?

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