Kenya Should Provide More Refuge for Somalis

In Kenya many Somalis look for a safe place to run away from the drought and conflict in Somalia. About 1,300 each day enter Kenya and since January about 100,000 have been seeking refugee in Kenya. Kenya is being urged to provide more land for the kids, men and women who are coming for safety. How can this continuing drought and conflict in Somalia be prevented? How can we push for more refuge in Kenya?

Refugees Are Being Mistreated by Ukraine

In Ukraine, men, woman and kids who are looking for safety after being deported from Slovakia and Hungary are being tortured and mistreated. They are at the mercy of officials at the border who use that power to have them basically arrested. Some are also being tortured by electric shocks. This can kill and severely hurt people especially kids. What can be done to assure this won't happen? How can we help the victims of this?


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