Israeli Commander Shoots Boy

The evidence in an Israeli colonel’s fatal shooting of a Palestinian boy on July 3, 2015, shows that the shooting violated international standards on the use of lethal force in policing, and possibly also Israel’s own open-fire laws. Video footage obtained by B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights organization, supports accounts by Palestinian witnesses that Shomer, a brigade commander, shot al-Kasbeh in the back as he and others were fleeing after they threw a rock at close range at the windshield of a vehicle carrying the colonel. While a rock directed at a moving vehicle can pose some danger, the fatal shooting appears to have occurred after the colonel left the vehicle and pursued the fleeing rock-throwers. This killing was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided. Officials all around the world need to understand that shooting should be a last resort not something to be done just because. This is an issue that is apparent all around the world. What should be done in order to stop these events from happening? This can be seen also locally in the US with the shooting of teens and adults unnecessarily.

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