Children Are Limited

Think back to the last time you saw a child with a disability making their way to school. If you are a parent, have you seen any children with disabilities at your child’s school or daycare? In an article an 8-year-old boy with Down Syndrome has been out of school for nearly two years and finally was offered a place where he will get limited training. But he has a right to go to a mainstream school. Just more than 100 000 children with disabilities are enrolled in ordinary schools in South Africa; nearly 120 000 are in special schools. The government’s latest estimates are that more than half a million children are home or in daycare centers waiting, often for years, for a school. South Africa has strong constitutional protection of the right to education and the right not to be discriminated against. It also has laws to protect every child’s fundamental right to basic education. But they need to do more! This isn't the only place where this is occurring, children all around the world need help.

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