Child Offender At Risk of Execution

Saudi authorities may soon execute a Saudi man for crimes related to a 2011 protest movement, committed when he was only 17. The Specialized Criminal Court sentenced Ali al-Nimr to death in 2014 after convicting him on charges related to a protest in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province in 2011. The Saudi news website Okaz reported on September 14, 2015, that a Saudi appeals court and the country’s Supreme Court had upheld the death sentence. The sentence requires the king’s approval before it can be carried out. “Saudi Arabia has been on an execution spree in 2015, but beheading a child offender whose trial was unfair would be an appalling new low,” said Joe Stork a human rights activist from the Middle East. He couldn't have said it better! Since January 1, Saudi Arabia has executed 135 people, compared with 88 in all of 2014. Most executions are carried out by beheading, sometimes in public. The harsh executions need to end. Its unjust and brutal and cannot be allowed at all to happen to a child offender. Being under 18 at time of the crime makes it unlawful to execute the man. How do you feel about executions? Do you think the death penalty is too extreme or is it a necessary option?

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