Worldwide Children Are Not Getting Educated

Have you ever heard children telling you they want their education to stop when they reach the end of primary school? Many organizations have interviewed scores of children from all countries and they've never seen that they've said that. But unfortunately sometimes kids are forced out of school after primary school. For many of these children, having their education stopped short at the end of primary school was tragic. For some, external factors such as violence or discrimination forced them to drop out. For children with disabilities, it was about not accessing education on an equal basis with other children. For girls, the sudden sense of puberty often brought the bad news that schools were not safe enough for them or the threat of being married off illegally. Many kids are shut out of secondary schools because, they are told, there are not enough places or schools are too far for them. Many cannot afford the costs associated with secondary school. Some even turn to hazardous work to scrape together some money to support their families. Something needs to be done so that these kids can continue their education. What do you think should be planned? Is there a process maybe your country took or uses?

Information based on reports from Human Rights Watch and Children's Rights International Network (CRIN) with Opinions from Raymond Iglesias, Youth Organizer, from Kids Meeting Kids.

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