In Senegal, students are forced to beg.

In Senegal, boys who go to Quranic schools are being forced to beg for money in dangerous streets by their teachers. Also if the young boys do not receive a certain amount of money even off by one penny they are severely whipped and physically abused. These boys need protection from this abuse in Senegal. How can they be protected from this abuse? Do you agree that they need to be protected?

Haiti Earthquake Recovery is Not Protecting Girls

In Haiti, the earthquake relief is not helping young girls with enough support and food needed. Some girls  in Haiti are forced to have sex for food. They're also facing gaps in healthcare which is allowing for maternal and infant deaths. As well, the camp conditions create easy sexual violence against the girls. Should girls in Haiti be put in this condition? In what ways can we help these girls?

A Decade After

Exploitation in South India

In India, many young girls are  being put in endangering conditions. These young girls make clothing in India and are put in wretched condition to sweat and do hard labor for more than 12 hours everyday of the week. These girls are abused by their employers and paid very little. How do you feel about these young girls being exploited? What can be done to stop this in India and many other countries?

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