Kony, May have gone Viral but he is not the only one


In this article, Human Rights Watch speaks about the worldwide problem of child soldier use.  The recent advocacy for the arrest of warlord Joseph Kony has brought not only his name but also two other known infamous child soldier recruiters Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia and another man known as Lubanga, from the Congo. The article from Human Rights Watch stresses the fact that they are not the only ones as the media and world make it seem. They also speak about the awful truth that the use of child soldiers is not just in Africa it is also in the Middle East and in South America. There are 14 countries with known cases of this child soldier use. Do you think this is fair for the rest of the world? Is it better to focus on these three cases for now? Should the media address this fact more effectively and openly?

If you want to know more, you can look on the website for the Coalition Against Child Soldier Use that is linked below.


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