The Assault of Two Argentinian Boys

In Argentina, two boys were assaulted by two men who were armed with guns. The two boys were eleven and seventeen years old. Both of the boys were related to Felix Diaz, an indigenous leader of the Toba Qom in the community of Primavera. The attack occurred as the boys biked by the supposed owner of the land where their indigenous community is located. Two men came out who the boys identified as the property owners security guards. They shot the boys once but fortunately missed and they got away. They finally filed a complaint and it just so happened that the home of one of Diaz's sons was burned down two weeks before the assault occurred. What could be done to protect Mr. Diaz's family and his community?

If you want to help him please fill a Take Action Report on the link above. It will help them get an investigation started and justice to be served.

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