Iran's Horrible Rights Violations

Human Rights Watch is pushing for the United Nations members to publicly point out the horrible things occurring in Iran. An unacceptable number of teens are being executed for crimes. As well, in the United Nations meetings, the president of Iran claimed that he and his country support the pro-democracy protest in the Middle East but his own country does not really tolerate it. Ambassadors and representatives of their countries should point out his outrageous rights violations, starting with the public execution of a young teen, 17 year-old Alireza Mollasoltani. Iranian officials executed him while the International Law does not allow execution of people who are under the age of 18 when they commit a crime. As you can see teenagers are being put in danger and mistreated. Do you agree, that the UN should point these things out? Should the world tolerate these violations of human rights, why or why not? In your area, are teenagers' rights violated?

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