Protests Around the Globe Inspired By Wall Street Protesters

Movements for change started last spring in Arabic countries. Youth are now rising up to protest the unfairness that exists in the world. In New York City the demonstrators chant "We are the 99%!" in Zuccotti Park. Chants can now be heard throughout the United States and around the globe in Rome, London, Toronto and many more cities. Do you think that the 99% can make a change?

People are there to stand for the rights of 99% of the population who are middle class and on or below the poverty line against the 1% of banks and rich corporations. They are focusing on Wall Street because of the amount of  influence wealthy banks and finance have in the country. These protests are helping children who have lost their homes, whose parents are unemployed, and whose schools are struggling with low budgets, as they are not necessarily old enough to protest but the people down at Zuccotti Park are also fighting not only for themselve but for everyone else. Do you think they will make a difference down there?

I will be going down during the week of November 1st, 2011 and will post my encounters and experiences down there when I come back. Any suggestions for questions I can ask the protesters? Do you plan on going down there or to a demonstration near you and helping the cause?

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