Ugandan Mothers Dying Leaving Their Children Motherless

In Uganda, many mothers are dying while giving birth. This article points out one person in perticular. Her name is Jennifer Anguko, who was bleeding to death in a hospital's maternity ward. Though she was a local elected official which means she was well known, yet she was still left to die. An obstetrician who investigated the case said that she was there with enough time to save her life.

As it turns out 50% of the 340,000 of the world's maternal deaths happen in Africa. Uganda's rate is 430 for every 100,000 live births. Also their GDP per capita is $1,300 which is ranked 203rd in the world and they cannot afford to have good medical services which are very needed. Kids are being left without the special care that a mother could provide, when they just had the one who gave them life disappear. How can Uganda and many other countries in Africa solve their Maternal Mortality problem? What about the maternal deaths in all of the rest of the world?

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