China's "Clean" Pollution

In China, the JinkoSolar Holding Company's Plant is polluting the rivers in the providence of Zhejiang. This plant is polluting the rivers with their solid waste and fluoride. This makes the water toxic and deadly for everyone and everything around or in it. Locals in the area reported that they saw many dead fish rise up to the water surface. The Solar Panel Factory is about 80 miles away from the well known Shanghai, which could also be affected. 100 yards away from the JinkoSolar plant is an elementary school which is easily affected as well as a kindergarten 300 yards away. This pollution can affect the children as it is killing many animals and also exposing them to 10 times the allowed levels of Fluoride in the water. The plant also brings in a revenue of about $360 Billion in a quarter of a year. Is it right to expose the children to these dangerous condition for profit? What can be done to get rid of this problem?

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