Cocoasector not Fulfilling its Promises

The Cocoasector has not completed it duties to eliminate their horrible Child Labor problem and Forced Adult Labor problem as well. It has been ten years since they have promised to do so and still no progress has been done, so the 10 Campaign is standing up to make sure that the progress needed is made. The companies are still underpaying their workers, taking trafficked children and adults into their plantations. The people who work are mistreated and paid little if anything at all. Many well known companies buy  from these plantations such as Hersheys, Nestle and many more, without checking for these horrible conditions and inhumane treatment which they are under regulations supposed to do. Who's fault is it that this problem is ongoing, the companies who buy or the plantations that produce the Cocoa? Will you buy a chocolate bar after hearing this? 

If you want to learn much more check out the documentary on this topic called The Dark Side of Chocolate.

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