Threats Endangering Children, their Teachers and their Education in Acapulco

In Mexico, teachers are having their lives threatened by local gangs in Acapulco. Many members from the local gangs are trying to force teachers to give them half of their already low pay. The gangs have given the teachers until the 1st of October to do so. According to the article this extortion in Mexico has become very commonly seen all over. The children are caught in the mix as they may also be hurt as persuasion tactics or just as punishment for not giving the money. On the 14th of September, the teachers in Acapulco marched for their rights and the rights of the children they teach as they are tired of the consistent threats and will not stand for it. Do you feel that the teachers should not give  in to the threats? How do you think Mexico can deal with this ongoing problem to protect their children and teachers?

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