Children Working 18 Hour Days

Human Rights Watch wrote a report on child laborers that they interviewed around the world. These poor children live in harsh environments where they work from just after dawn until midnight. They interviewed a young girl named Latifa. She is a domestic worker in a remote mountain village around Marrakesh, Morocco. She is often abused and has to endure working the whole day without having food until late at night. How can this global problem be fixed? Do you think the Convention of Domestic Workers could be a great help in these situations? You might want to check out the UN Convention on the Rights of The Child where it states that child labor is forbidden. Notice in the link below it shows that Morocco did indeed adopt the convention. There is a Committee on The Rights of The Child in Geneva, Switzerland that holds countries responsible for violating the Convention. If you want to learn more about The Rights of The Child check out our website on Children's Rights.

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