Mistreatment of those with Disabilities, Cannot be tolerated!

Massachusetts Protect Children with Disabilities

Human Rights Watch reported about a conflict going on that I felt needed to be addressed. In Massachusetts, there have been horrible occurrances where people with a disability have been subject to mistreatment. They are giving electric shocks to these people who have disabilities for behavioral modifications including the use of punishment. This is cruel and they do not deserve this painful and dangerous treatment. This is also very inhumane, and is close to what was shown in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, where the people were born and as babies shown behavioral modifications using electrical shocks later affecting their lifestyles in the future. This is inhumane and the novel was made to warn people about what technology might drive us to in a horrible future. We cannot allow this mistreatment to continue for the sake of these people with disabilities and everyone else. How do you feel about the treatment of these people? Above is the letter that Human Rights Watch wrote to the Massachusetts officials. You can read it and even send them your own letter.

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