Teen Shot by Officer


In Bronx, New York, an eighteen year old was shot by a cop. His name was Ramarley Graham. The police were pursuing him while on undercover vigilance of a local deli. The police force believe there to be links to drugs in that grocery store so they saw Graham come out and suspected him of having obtained drugs there. They soon began following him to his home on East 229th. This turned out to be a tragic pursuit as a policeman was on the chase and followed Ramarley into his home. They said that when the policeman had arrived Graham had been flushing something down his toilet. The teen and the cop had a bit of a struggle before the policeman shot him. There was marijuana found in the toilet but Ramarley was found with no evidence of being armed. He was pronounced dead later that day at Montefiore Medical Center. Do you think that the cop was right to do this? Was it a necessary move to make?

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