Juan Made It, Now We Have To Help Others

A young man from Argentina named Juan was interviewed by Human Rights Watch. Juan has intellectual disabilities and was told he was “uneducable” by teachers at the schools he attended as a child. He told Human Rights Watch in the interview, about how having disabilities has put many obstacles in his way but he has not allowed that to stop him. He is now a university student years after his school teachers had tried to discourage him. Now mind you this was on his own. Imagine if he had support through the government to push him as well, Now, The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities –a group of UN experts overseeing governments’ implementation of this treaty – has an important task this week: to point out what governments must do, in law, policy, and practice, to guarantee the right to education. What do you think? Have you seen anyone given unequal opportunity or help because of a disability? We believe they all deserve equal education and the committee is a great idea.

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