Yezidi Girls Escaped ISIS Grasps

Last August, the extremist armed group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, attacked Iraq’s Yezidi community. Thousands ran away without food or water into the nearby Sinjar mountains, but ISIS fighters killed many, executing men and abducting thousands of people, mainly women and children. Rumors of forced marriage and enslavement of Yezidi girls and women swirled, and were later confirmed as some women and girls escaped. Human Rights Watch researchers Samer Muscati and Rothna Begum interviewed 20 of these women and girls and shared their findings with reporters. You can check out the powerful interview at the link below.

After you have read this please consider these questions, what do you think should be done? What do you think of how many region leaders are now changing their rules considering the idea of accepting the people who have been abducted back into their community? I think that is great considering the very strict traditions of the region.

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