French Troops Abusing

Recent reports are giving new information about the war in the Central African Republic. During the conflict that began in 2013, thousands of civilians fled the fighting so when French troops arrived in Bangui, the CAR capital, in December 2013, many took refuge near their base, believing they would be safer there. Sadly, according to a United Nations report, some French soldiers acted as abusers instead of protectors, sexually abusing children in exchange for food or money. Although the abuse apparently took place between December 2013 and June 2014, it only recently became public information when news broke that a UN official who in July leaked an unedited version of the report, containing the victims’ names, to the French ambassador in Geneva, had been suspended. Now at least some justice is being served as the cases of abuse are being investigated thoroughly by many organizations including the United Nations and the French Government. What else should be done on top of the investigations which will hopefully hold those accountable for their crimes?

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