RFK Center, Speak Truth To Power!


On December 5th, the RFK Center for Human Rights visited my school, The Beacon High School in New York. The President of this organization, Kerry Kennedy was present as well as two other representatives. This visit was to make a presentation on their "Speak Truth To Power" Campaign. This campaign is about Human Rights Defending and  standing up. They spoke to fellow students of mines and some faculty members at my school. Would you like it if they would come to your school? Are you a Human Rights Defender?

If you want to read more about the Campaign or the organization as a whole follow the Link Up Top

Amnesty International has made guidelines to become a Human Rights Friendly School. Look at them on the Link Below, They explain some principles and details that a school that is Human Rights Friendly would have. Does Beacon High School fall in the category of Human Rights Friendly Schools? Is your school Human Rights Friendly?


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