LGBT Community Getting Some Support

Recently the White House announced its support for ending the use of “conversion therapies” for #@$%, #@$%, bisexual and transgender people under 18. These therapies that aim to “cure” or “convert” #@$% or transgender people have failed to produce any proof that they work or are safe. Professionals actually believe that these therapies are ineffective and harmful. Children have the right to discover and be accepted for who they are. Growing up healthy sometimes involves changing one’s mind, and children may need to talk honestly about this possibility with a therapist. Bans could have the unintended consequence of stopping therapists from engaging with children who have questions. Mental-health professionals have an important role to play in choosing between good and bad practice, and the children have the right to speak up both in seeking health care and in policymaking processes that affect them. They should do so whenever they are not comfortable with decisions made. What do you think about this change? I think the support of LGBT communities is great!

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