Laws Don't Need To Be Enforced to Make an Impact

Laws, even when rarely enforced, can send a powerful message. The reason I say this is that in the US and around the world there have been many laws especially those pertaining to the LGBT community that can make an impact on their lives in negative ways. In 2000 for example, some states in the US had laws in the books criminalizing #@$% and #@$% sex between consenting adults. Even if people were hardly ever prosecuted under those laws, they could be used to fire #@$% men and #@$%s or withdraw job offers. Also generally, most state non-discrimination laws didn’t, and unfortunately still don’t, cover sexual orientation and gender identity. As a result, some teachers have always feared that they’d be thought to be #@$% themselves if they tried to put a stop to anti-#@$% bullying, putting their jobs at risk. This is not right, especially now where the mindsets of so many are becoming more and more open to the LGBT community for them to still feel endangered. How can we push for a change? Let us know what you think!

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