Educational Discrimination Should Not Be Allowed

Two years ago in India, 10-year-old Madhu walked up to the microphone at a public hearing and spoke about how she was chased away from a government school in Patna by teachers because she was a Musahar Dalit and considered “dirty” by them. After hearing Madhu’s story, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights in charge of enforcing the Right to Education Act, intervened and 50 Dalit children from her slum were enrolled in a properly running government school. But a year later, while the school’s registry included the names of the Dalit children, almost all of them were out of the classroom, working as rag pickers. They were just not welcome there. There have to be people in the school and the community who are just as concerned for every child's right to education in order for this to work! How can that happen in environments all around the world?

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