Children In Gaza Severely Impacted

Something that seems to have been forgotten in the midst of the rising of ISIS and other conflicts is the issue that continues in Gaza. The fighting began one year ago and lasted for 51 days. In Gaza, Israeli attacks from land, air, and sea killed 551 children and injured 3436, ten percent of them suffering a permanent disability. Then on the other side in Israel, one child was killed by the Palestinian rocket and mortar fire; dozens more were wounded and suffered trauma from the attacks. The destruction in Gaza is vast. About 100,000 people remain homeless, many of them children. Half of all schools and university buildings were damaged or destroyed. Within the number of schools destroyed in Gaza was also the one and only school for children with disabilities. This raises serious issues for the kids in Gaza and especially those who due to the fighting had suffered a disability. How can they be helped? Someone needs to do something to help these children. Do you know of any groups working on this?

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