#@$%anese Horrors of the Past

In #@$%an, during the Second World War, the #@$%anese Imperial Army enslaved many women under the age of 20 and as young as 12 as sex
slaves. The survivors from this sexual slavery never truly spoke out for themselves after being so physically and mentally traumatized. At least not
until 1991 in August when Kim Hak-Soon spoke out about the abuse she had endured. After that many more women did so as well, inspired by her courage. These women were kids when this all happened and they are still damaged by it. It is not right that children be affected by war. Where else have children been subject to abuse like this during wars? Where is it happening right now? What can be done to help these women who have been subject to sexual slavery and the children of this generation to protect them from a re-occurrence of these horrible events?

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