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Halt of Execution in Oregon


In Oregon, the governor of the state, John Kitzhaber, stopped the execution of Gary Haugen and stated a declaration of moratorium on all executions that are in his state. He has also begun to push for his Oregon state citizens to find a new way that is better for punishment and also advocated for the abolition of capital punishment. Should other governors follow in the footsteps of Mr. Kitzhaber?

Mistreatments in Egypt

Teachers in Bahrain being Abused

In Bahrain, teachers are being subject to abuse and injustice. The teachers are not only being arrested but they are also being tried by a military court. It is not right for civilians to ever be tried in a Military Court. One instance which Amnesty International cites in an urgent action

KONY 2012, Gone Viral!!!

RFK Center, Speak Truth To Power!

Forced Begging, The twisted act

Egyptian Children in Military Court


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