Slovenia's Same Sex Marriage Law

In March, Slovenia’s Parliament amended the Marriage and Family Relations Act to open marriage to same-sex couples. But after the amendment passed, opponents collected over 80,000 signatures to force a referendum on the law. On December 20th, the government announced that voters had rejected the marriage equality law by a 63% to 37% margin. Slovenia will now revert to its previous system, which permits same-sex couples to have civil partnerships but bars them from marriage or adoption – a system which is plainly discriminatory. This is a vote that should never have been held – no one’s fundamental human rights should be subject to repeal by popular vote. In the leading to the referendum, opponents of same-sex marriage cited concerns about children’s rights as the grounds for their opposition. They organized a coalition called “Children Are at Stake,” citing discredited arguments about the dangers of same-sex parenting to argue that children have the right to both a mother and a father. On Sunday, the coalition’s leader declared the referendum result “a victory for our children.” But opponents of marriage equality ignore growing evidence that children raised by same-sex couples fare just as well as other kids. Worse still, they use the guise of children’s rights to justify discrimination against LGBT people. Let’s examine the facts. Depriving same-sex couples of the right to marry and adopt does not advance children’s rights. On the contrary, it puts the rights and well-being of children at risk. It stops children in need of a home from being placed with capable, loving parents. It suggests to all children that some people are not worthy of equal treatment. And it sends a message to kids who are themselves LGBT that they are second-class citizens, who are deemed less capable of loving and caring for others. How do you feel about this issue? Do you support LGBT why or why-not? Tell us what you think.

Information based on a report from CNN with Opinions from Raymond Iglesias, Youth Organizer, from Kids Meeting Kids.

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