ISIS' Recent Attacks

This past month has seen a sudden outburst of horrific attacks on ordinary people apparently committed by the self-described Islamic State, or ISIS. Between the attack in Paris, the bombs in Beirut, Baghdad, and Ankara, and the downing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai, we are seeing the use of violence against the general population to score political points. Nothing can justify these de#@$%able attacks. Their acts must all be brought to justice. Everyone can do their part to make sure ISIS does not go unpunished. They must be stopped. Here is one way we can help stop them. ISIS may seem immune to the traditional shaming of the human rights movement. But even ISIS must draw recruits and build support, and we can make that more difficult by showing the ugly reality of the political order that it would bring. That's just one way. If you have any ideas of how to help, let us know. Let's all work towards a better tomorrow.

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