An Innocent Child

In an interview posted by the French news broadcast, Le Petit Journal, on Monday, a reporter asks a young French boy if he understands why terrorists attacked Paris on Friday, killing at least 129 people and injuring 350. As the interview continues, the boy mentions how he thinks that the attackers are just really mean and how he is afraid of the "mean" people since they cannot protect themselves. But as the interview progresses and the young boy talks to both the reporter and his father, he says with confidence, "They have guns, but we have flowers.". The young boy mentioning this is very crucial. He concluded with saying that all you need is love to go against the attackers. That statement coming from a child is so important. He sees what the world really needs and that is just love. If everyone could learn to love each other and love together the world would be such a better place. Even the child knows that. So why don't we listen to him? Let's all use love as our weapons against the "mean" people and their hate! What do you think? Check out the video and interview at the link below, I promise the young boy will make you smile.

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