A Sad Sight in Korea


In South Korea, 30 people take their lives everyday. There is a sadness consuming all of these people. Their obsessions over technology and western ideas have driven them to this. Even politicians, entertainers and teachers have committed suicide. The Koreans refuse to adopt western psychology forms. How can the suicide rate be lowered? Why won't they accept psychology treatments?

A Missile Strikes Gaza


In Gaza, an Israeli missile killed two people. Missiles are consistently fired between these two countries at random not knowing if they will hit an innocent baby or a violent person. How can this be prevented in those and other countries? Why don't Israel and Palestine find some way to put an end to the fighting?

The Danger the Sudanese live in


In Sudan, people are consistently being put into extreme danger. While young kids are calmly playing, shelling begins and they have to run in to caves. They live in and out of the safety of a dark cave. What can be done to help them?

A Syrian City left without any government officials


In the city of Hama in Syria officials do not come and intervene with the mass protesting inside. Usually the military would intervene by storming in to stop the protests but due to the historical significance they have not. How do you think this affects the youth in the city?

Most Americans Dead in June 2011 since June 08


In June 15 American soldiers were killed in Iraq. This is the highest since 23 were killed in June of 2008. Americans have been at war for 10 years and some soldiers who are fighting were 10 years old when the war began. Many Americans look up to these soldiers and young Americans join the army everyday. How do you think this affects America's youth, the safety of the country and its soldiers?

The Problems in Syria Continue.


In the Syrian city of Homs alone there have been 21 deaths from June 17th to July 2nd including the 3 deaths on July 2nd. Government officials and other allies are treating the Syrian Protesters brutally by arresting them and killing them. This is forcing many civilians to leave their homes and look for a peaceful new home in Turkey running away from the violence. Are the actions taken by the government right?

Night Raids by Afghan Officials and NATO costing lives


In Afghanistan, NATO and Afghanistan's Forces have been conducting night raids averaging about 300 each month. Hundreds were killed and thousands have been arrested. These raids are proving to be very effective against the Taliban insurgents but are sometimes costly to civilians. How do you think this helps the community of Afghanistan? How could the raids affect the youth of Afghanistan?

Young Boy Kidnapped and Killed in a Jewish Neighborhood


In Borough Park, a neighborhood in New York. This neighborhood is highly populated by Jewish people and is known to be very safe. Leiby Kletzky a young boy of 8 years old was kidnapped and then killed by another Jewish man. How does this affect you?  How can we raise awareness about this for children in our neighborhoods?

Medical System is being attacked in Bahrain


In Bahrain, violent anti-government protesters are attacking medical centers and their patients. This is affecting everyone in the area. Leaving children and newborns to die by not having equipment and having a low amount of medics because of the attacks of the protesters. How could this be allowed? What are possible ways to end this?


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